What is the Difference Between a 3 and 9 Yard Dumpster?

What is the Difference Between a 3 and 9 Yard Dumpster?

Handling a major home renovation or intensive yard cleanup requires a hefty hauling container like a dumpster to contain the debris. Choosing between the smaller 3-yard or the larger 9-yard dumpster rental depends on budget, space constraints, projected waste volume, and more. Discover the key differences from your local experts at The Green Dumpster when renting either size debris box.

Dimensions: Footprint Considerations 

The primary variance between 3 and 9-yard dumpster models comes down to physical size and footprint onsite. Measure the placement area to see which capacity dumpster specifications fit your property constraints best.

3-Yard Standard Dumpster Specs:

• Total Length: 12 feet 

• Width: 8 feet

• Height: 3 feet tall

9-Yard Large Dumpster Specs

• Total Length: 22 feet  

• Width: 8 feet

• Height: 4 feet tall 

As you can see, the 9-yard dumpster offers triple the interior load space running over double the length compared to the more compact 3-yard unit. Factor in at least 2-3 feet of clearance on all sides for safe access when siting different capacity dumpsters. Call our Green Dumpster pros to inspect with you before delivery.

Weight Differences by Dumpster Size

In addition to footprint variances, loaded container weights increase significantly, scaling to a 9-yard dumpster rental. Trucks must safely haul away your debris box contents for disposal based on legal road travel weight limits.  

Average Empty Dumpster Weights:

• 3-yard empty: 900 pounds

• 9-yard empty: 1,900 pounds 

Average Full Dumpster Weights:

• 3-yard full weight: 3 tons 

• 9-yard full weight: 6 tons

For context, our largest 20-yard construction dumpsters max out around 8.5 tons full!

Waste Volume Assessment

Choosing between a three or 9-yard debris box mainly involves projecting your junk removal and disposal volume needs upfront. Estimating waste to fill the rental dumpster prevents under or overloaded containers from slowing your progress. 

Our pros can suggest ideal dumpster sizes based on your unique cleanout or construction plans. Overfill charges apply if overflowing waste exceeds dumpster parameters.

Example Waste Volume Comparisons

To illustrate what fills a three or 9-yard dumpster, here are sample waste scenarios:

What Fills Up a 3-Yard Dumpster

– Debris from a small bathroom remodel

– Materials from 100 sq ft deck tear out

– Scrap lumber from a backyard workshop to build

– Contents of a 10×20 foot garage clear out

What Fills Up a 9-Yard Dumpster

– Leftover piles from the whole house roof tear off 

– Debris from 250 sq ft house addition demolition 

– Remodel waste from several rooms’ interior demo  

– All unwanted contents from a 3-4 car garage overhaul

Contact The Green Dumpster to Consult on Ideal Dumpster Sizes

Renting a properly sized dumpster minimizes hassle while containing costs for your unique debris removal needs. Describe your upcoming residential or commercial waste scenario to our dumpster pros, and we’ll recommend pairing you with the perfect 3, 9, or larger yard dumpster rental. Contact or Call The Green Dumpster at (818) 404-5865 to order open-top dumpsters ready for prompt delivery across Houston!


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