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Tailored Waste Solutions: Your FAQs Answered

Find Your Answers with The Green Dumpster – Los Angeles’ Premier Choice for Dumpster Rentals. Family-owned and dedicated to delivering both value and warmth, we’re here to make your clean-up projects seamless and stress-free.

Dumpster rentals are ideal for various situations:

  • Cleanouts: Clearing out excess trash from garages, rooms, or post-event cleanup.
  •  Moving: Simplify packing and discard unwanted items when relocating.
  • Renovation & Demolition: Dispose of debris during remodeling, room additions, or downsizing.
  • Landscape and Yard Waste: Manage yard waste from landscaping projects.
  • Fire Season: Comply with city brush clearance requirements to protect properties during fire seasons.

Prohibited items include hazardous waste, liquid waste, paint (dry cans only), scrap tires, equipment with gas/oil/freon, biohazard/medical waste, asbestos/PCBs, and electronic waste.

Yes, we can place dumpsters in the street or driveway, with any required permits being the customer’s responsibility.

Dumpsters should be loaded level with the sides. Any excess trash will be removed before pickup or left for the customer to level off.

Yes, please provide a 48-hour notice or schedule an early pickup at the time of ordering.

While we prioritize environmental sustainability, we are not a dumping/sorting facility. However, we encourage recycling alternatives such as gifting, upcycling, and donation.

Yes, we offer dumpsters for construction and demolition projects, partnering with certified facilities for recycling and processing.

Dumpster rental costs vary based on size, delivery location, and type of waste. Contact us for personalized guidance on selecting the right dumpster for your needs.

Rentals are typically up to 1 week, with additional days available upon request and early removal arrangements possible.

We ensure responsible waste disposal and adhere to all environmental regulations.

Unless access is required, you don’t need to be present for delivery or removal. Ensure clear access for our team.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards for payment.

Yes, we deliver dumpsters to homes within our service areas, ideal for spring cleaning projects or garage clear-outs.

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