How Big is a 9 Cubic Yard Dumpster?

How Big is a 9 Cubic Yard Dumpster?

Taking on major indoor remodeling or outdoor landscaping renovations around your San Fernando Valley property inevitably generates lots of waste debris needing removal. Rather than cramming contractors’ bags down overflowing garbage bins each week, renting a spacious roll-off dumpster simplifies handling mass junk streams from home projects. But how big is a nine cubic yard portable roll-off dumpster specifically? What can you expect in terms of height, width, weight limits, and waste volume capacity? Read on for an overview of standard 9 CY dumpster dimensions.

Approximate 9 Yard Dumpster Sizes

Providers in the portable roll-off dumpster industry classify different container volumes by their corresponding cubic yardage capacity rating. So when you rent a nine cubic yard (often noted as just 9 CY) temporary metal dumpster unit, it contains around nine cubic yards of empty internal storage space for filling trash. Common exterior dimensions for a 9 CY roll-off dumpster include:

• Height: 4′ to 6′ 

• Width: 5′ to 8′ long

• Length: 9′ to 12′  

• Weight Limit: Around 3,000 to 4,000 lbs before extra dump fees apply

These medium-large sized 9 CY waste containers comfortably fit down most standard residential driveways for home renovation debris collection. Their roughly 8×9 to 8×12 footprint also maneuvers through average neighborhood backyard gates. 9-yard capacity affords suitable junk volume space for many mid-scale home upgrades or backyard projects without sitting flush at the top.

What Fills a 9-Yard Dumpster? 

How much debris stuffs a 9 CY roll-off unit? Here’s a rough debris estimate:

• Total Volume = 18 Single Car Loads 

• Weight = Approximately 2 Tons or 4,000 Pounds

• Trash Bags = Over 400-500 Contractors Bags 

• Sheetrock = 100 Medium Sized Panels  

• Furniture = Enough to Clear Out the Whole House Room’s Contents

• Cardboard Boxes = Over 75 Big Screen TV Size Boxes  

• Wood Waste = 6’ Length x 6’ Width x 6’ Height Pile

• Roof Shingles = Tear Off From Medium Size Shed or Garage  

• Yard Waste = Around 5 Cubic Yards of Material Like Mulch, Grass & Tree Trimmings

What Projects Call for a 9 CY Dumpster Rental?

Thanks to substantial holding capacity combined with a medium truck-movable footprint, 9 cubic yard dumpsters In San Fernando Valley work well for:

• Kitchen & Bathroom Gutting Remodels

• Whole House Window Replacements 

• Siding Tear Off & Installs  

• Backyard Landscape Overhauls

• Garage or Basement Demolitions  

• Fire/Flood Restoration Debris Removal  

• Evictions and foreclosure Property Cleanouts

For the right size dumpster rental matched to your unique Dallas junk removal, call or contact our waste volume experts at The Green Dumpster! Friendly dispatchers provide quick cubic yard capacity estimates for projects. Receive custom rent roll-off containers for convenient debris cleanup & disposal assistance anytime.  


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