How Big is 3 Cubic Yard Dumpster

How Big is 3 Cubic Yard Dumpster

Renting a dumpster provides a convenient solution for containing and hauling off moderate amounts of waste when tackling household junk removal, yard cleanup, minor renovations, apartment move-out debris, and more around your Dallas property. But how do you know which cubic yard container size best fits your unique debris removal needs? Understand what a “cubic yard” refers to when describing dumpsters and see specifics on what a standard three cubic yard dumpster looks like dimension-wise.

What is a Cubic Yard of Space?

A cubic yard or cubic meter refers to a three-dimensional space measuring Volume. Specifically, 1 cubic yard (noted as one yd3 or CY) equates to a cube-shaped space spanning 1-yard width x 1-yard height x 1-yard depth. In feet, this equals a volume of 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft (27 cubic ft). Dumpster sizes represent the entire inner storage space measured in cubic yards, which gives an idea of capacity. But it doesn’t directly tell you the exact exterior dimensions. A 1 yd dumpster is not simply a 1’ x 1’ x 1’ box. We’ll explore common size specs for convenient 3-yard dumpster companies like The Green Dumpster, delivered to Dallas properties for debris removal projects below.

Approximate 3-Yard Dumpster Dimensions

The standard everyday three cubic yard roll-off dumpster unit measures around 3-4 feet tall x 5-6 feet wide x 4-5 feet deep. Exact specs can vary slightly among dumpster rental providers but range within:

• Height: 2.5 ft up to 4 ft 

• Width: 4 ft to 6 ft

• Length: 4 ft to 7 ft

• Weight Limit: 3,000 lbs (1.5 tons)

The up to 6 x 7 footprint leaves flexibility to fit through most household gates while maneuvering easily across lawns or down tight alleys. 3CY dumpsters In San Fernando Valley also work with weight restrictions for standard residential driveway materials as smaller units concentrate debris weight. 

What Fills Up a 3-Yard Dumpster?

What kind of junk volume fits inside these approximately 4’x5’ by 2-4’ tall portable mini roll roll-offers? To give perspective, here are examples of average waste that fills a 3-yard container roughly:

• Approx. Total Volume = 200-300 trash bags of debris 

• Weight = 1,500 to 4,500 pounds 

• Sheetrock = 65 cut-up panels

• Wood Waste = 2 cubic yards or 6’x6’x6’ pile 

• Brick/Masonry Debris = 2 cubic yards

• Plumbing Fixtures = Toilets, sinks from 2 bathrooms

• Furniture = Enough to empty 1 room around 400-650 cu ft worth

• Yard Waste = two cubic yards of bags/piles

• Roof Shingles = Tear off from small shed/garage roof section

Compact three cubic yard dumpsters work perfectly for small to mid-sized household junk removal like garage, attic, or appliance cleanouts. They contain waste from one-room renovations sufficiently, whether flooring replacement or swapping out bathroom/kitchen fixtures. Mini roll-offs also adequately hold yard waste like pruned branches and garden trimming, leaving piles from cleanup after storms. For tying up loose ends post estate sales/auctions, decluttering before downsizing lifestyles, storage unit overflow, fire restoration cleanup, and similar moderate projects, a 3CY portable container gets the job done. It holds an average carload’s junk volume of general debris removal/disposal convenience.

Before ordering any dumpster size, calculate your unique waste stream’s approximate volume needs. Our rental pros can recommend ideal capacity matchups for your specific residential or commercial renovation, construction debris, or large junk hauling jobs. Get the right size rollout waste container rented affordably to simplify cleanup.Contact or Call The Green Dumpster at (818) 404-5865 for friendly Dallas area project guidance seven days a week!


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