What size dumpster is rented the most?

What size dumpster is rented the most?

Renting a dumpster is a standard solution when you must dispose of a large quantity of waste. But with dumpsters in many sizes, which size do most people rent? Understanding the typical rental habits can help guide your decision when getting your dumpster. In this article, we’ll explore the most commonly Rented dumpster capacities.How can you avoid paying for space you don’t need? How much debris can we expect from our kitchen or complete home renovation?

First, most dumpster rental companies, like ours – Green Dumpsters, typically only rent large dumpsters. Usually the smallest size available to rent is a 10 yard. There are very What size dumpster is rented the most? few companies that rent dumpsters smaller than 10 cubic yards. But with dumpsters in many sizes, which size do most people rent? Understanding the typical rental habits can help guide your decision when getting your dumpster. In this article, we’ll explore the most commonly rented dumpster capacities. a

Overview of Dumpster Sizes

First, a quick overview of standard Dumpster sizes. Dumpsters are typically available in the following cubic yard (CY) capacities:

  • 10 CY
  • 15 CY
  • 20 CY
  • 30 CY
  • 40 CY

The cubic yard measurement refers to the interior capacity volume. As a rough estimate, 1 CY equates to 200-250 gallons.

In addition to cubic yard size, pay attention to dumpster dimensions – length, width, and height. The dimensions can impact accessibility when positioning the dumpster.

Most Popular Dumpster Sizes

Now, what sizes are the most popular rentals? Based on surveys of top rental companies, here is a breakdown of the typical dumpster volumes in highest demand:

10-20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

The 10 CY to 20 CY range accounts for nearly 70% of most dumpster rental transactions. The versatility of these medium-duty containers makes them useful for various residential and commercial jobs.

Typical 10-20 CY Rental Uses:

  • Medium home renovations
  • Garage/basement cleanouts
  • Landscaping/yard debris removal
  • Small retail store waste
  • Light office clear-outs
  • Small-scale construction trash

The moderate capacity handles most average waste removal needs What size dumpster is rented the most? without going overboard on size (and rental cost). The 10 CY to 20 CY range balances ideal utility for most customers.

20-30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

The next most sought-after segment is the 20 CY to 30 CY sizes, making up around 15-20% of dumpster rentals. These containers offer a step up in capacity for managing large volumes of waste.

Common 20-30 CY Dumpster Rental Uses:

  • Major home/business renovations
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Large-scale landscaping jobs
  • Construction projects
  • Multi-family housing waste removal

If you’re planning an enormous project generating extensive refuse, a 20+ CY container is likely the most efficient and affordable option.

Alternative Sizes by Special Request

While the small to medium options cover most needs, companies report roughly 10-15% of rentals fall under 40 CY and above or sub-10 CY. These alternative sizes fulfil unique use cases:

Oversized 40+ CY Bin Rentals

  • Massive demolition/renovation projects
  • Major commercial site cleanouts

Sub-10 CY Container Rentals

  • Tight space/accessibility limitations
  • Small residential cleanups
  • Solo DIY waste removal jobs

So, while the 20-30 CY range makes up most of the rental What size dumpster is rented the most? market share, adjust according to your distinct waste volume and space considerations.

Key Takeaways

  • The 10-30 CY range covers 85%+ of dumpster rental demand
  • 10-20 CY dumpsters are the most versatile for average jobs
  • 20-30 CY bins handle large construction, renovation, and commercial waste
  • Alternative sizes under 10 CY or over 40 CY serve unique needs

FAQ About Popular Dumpster Sizes

What is the standard size for a home renovation project?

A 15-20 CY dumpster is usually ideal for a medium home renovation. Anything larger than a 20 CY bin likely won’t be necessary.

What dumpster size works best for yard waste cleanup?

A 10-15 CY container will sufficiently handle most residential landscaping debris, leaves, branches, etc.

What is the typical construction dumpster size?

The 20-30 CY range is most common for small to mid-sized construction sites without space restrictions. Larger containers of up to 40 CY may be needed for more significant projects.

When should I get a 10 CY versus a 20 CY dumpster?

If working alone or disposing of debris from a garage, shed, or small room, a 10 CY will often get the job done. For home additions, basement finishing, or whole house renovations, upgrade to a 20+ CY container.


The 10-20 CY range covers most average dumpster rental scenarios like medium home projects, garage cleanouts, landscaping jobs, etc. Stepping up to a 20+ CY container accommodates more significant construction sites, business refuse, significant renovations, estate cleanouts, and more extensive waste. Carefully approximate your debris totals to select the optimum dumpster size without overpaying. Don’t hesitate to consult a rental expert for size recommendations – they deal with dumpster capacities daily and can offer personalized guidance.

With this overview of the most commonly sought-after dumpster volumes, determining the appropriate bin rental size for your upcoming waste removal job should feel less intimidating. Keep the key takeaways and FAQs in mind as you assess your needs and What size dumpster is rented the most? choose a dumpster to handle the anticipated debris volume efficiently. Taking a few minutes to research typical capacity preferences will pay off through a smoother waste extraction process and ideal rental value.


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