What are Portable Bathrooms Called?

What are Portable Bathrooms Called?

Outdoor events, construction sites and temporary locations often require accessible portable toilet facilities. However, the term “porta potty” doesn’t accurately reflect available portable sanitation unit classifications and features. What options exist, and does the terminology distinguish one from another? 

Standard Portable Restrooms

The most basic Portable Bathroom unit provides the following:

– Single occupancy capacity 

– Polyethylene or fiberglass exterior construction  

– Locking door for privacy and security

– Toilet fixture with 300+ flush capacity  

– Hand sanitizer 

These standard portable restrooms supply no-frills, functional toilet access and cut across genders uniformly. Some may term them “porta potties” or “portables” conversationally, but most rental companies label them “standard portable restrooms” professionally. Sites requiring accessible facilities temporarily on a budget work well with multiple standard units.

Accessible Portable Restrooms

What distinguishes ADA portable toilets? To comply with governmental accommodations mandates, accessible portable restroom features include:  

– Spacious interiors for wheelchair turns 

– Out-swinging entry doors

– Grab bars and handrails

– Toilet heights meeting code

– Accessible sink heights  

These facilities specifically help events meet ADA-inclusive bathroom availability guidelines. Companies may identify them as “ADA portables” or “accessible portable restrooms” clearly. Carefully assess how many handicap-designated units your premises and attendee mobility limitations require.

Luxury Portable Restrooms

Upscale portable toilet models cater to guest comfort with advanced amenities:

– Faux wood or marble exterior finish  

– Granite-style sink counters  

– Heated, air-conditioned or ventilated interiors

– Music speakers or occupancy sensors 

– Mirrored walls and dimmable lighting

– Freshening fixtures like toilet seat cover dispensers

– Private sink with running water 

Using terminology like “premium portable restrooms,” “executive portables,” or “luxury bathroom trailers,” these rentable units aim to mimic high-end permanent bathroom suites at outdoor sites. Upscale events, celebrity appearances and executive gatherings suit the needs. 

Shower and Restroom Combinations

Take portable hygiene up another notch with combo units integrating private bathroom suites with complete shower facilities:

– Toilet and sink amenities

– Water heating systems producing warm showers 

– Changing area with bench  

– Hot/cold knob adjustments  

– Shower heads and controls  

– Lockers for storing belongings during the wash

Promoted as “portable showers,” “shower trailers,” or “restroom and shower combos,” such innovation answers the call for off-grid employee, crew, or camper full-body cleaning wherever required. 

Understand differences between standard portable toilets, ADA-compliant accessible units, luxury models and shower hybrid offerings when picking appropriate portable sanitation across applications. Now you know the breadth of rentable solutions beyond impromptu “porta potty” facilities alone.


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